What is Post-Vis?

Post-vis is the process of assembling the visual effects of a film. It is different than pre-vis as it occurs after the live action elements have been shot. Typically these tasks fall into the hands of the editor or VFX editor. Editing systems are not designed to handle all of the needs of a modern visual effects artist. Post-vis takes ‘slap-comps’ a step further by using the same tools and pipeline as the team that will be finishing the work. As a result, many of the tasks from the post-vis phase will translate and travel to the final vendor.

  • Visualize and design the film’s VFX without committing to the expense of a large VFX facility.
  • Keep the creative process close to the filmmakers.
  • Develop a desired look & timing for VFX before committing.
  • Provide the filmmakers a resource to express their vision.
  • Screen your film with greater clarity. Give your film the best possible chance to shine with test audiences.
  • Push final vendors to deliver a better product by setting the quality bar with post-vis.
  • Have a blueprint for what you want to see in a VFX shot, thus spending your final VFX capital on polish and perfection.


Get a head start on seeing if the elements you shot for vfx are working. Develop a first pass at all of your vfx shots so that the editor has something to work with. You have a rough cut of a vfx heavy sequence that may or may not stay in the flim. Post-vis can quickly and efficiently bring it to a level that a test audience can react to. Why wait until a cut is locked before having a chance to see all of the elements together.


Post-vis provides an alternative to having your talented editor, who is shaping your story, get lost in assembling the elements for your visual effects. Post-vis will bring a shot to a presentable form in a fraction of the time. This speed advantage comes from seasoned experience of working alongside editing teams. Post-vis can match your schedule by adapting the quality and detail to fit the need.


Post-vis will allow you to move beyond version one. The benefits of having pre vis development can continue into post production. Storyboards and pre vis are great tools, but often they do not directly translate to what ends up in the can. On the day, you can count on a few curveballs or new inspiration. Post-vis is a means to capitalize on the footage you have and shaping it into the best that it can be, or better than you imagined. Post-vis can be more than doing simple ‘slap comps’ and the production of visual effects editing. We offer the filmmakers a guided exploration to their vision.

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